St Joseph’s Welfare Program is based on Christian Values and Beliefs and is seen as an essential ministry within the School Community.

Our Religious Education Program, Social Skills Program and Friendly School and Families Program teach different aspects of welfare but serve to reinforce our intrinsic Christian values.

Our Social Skills Program focuses on basic skills such as “Using People’s Names”, “Respect”, “Tolerance” and “Manners”. These weekly topics are taught in our classrooms and reinforced in assemblies.

We strive to support all of our families when required, whether it be through linking with community agencies, providing specialist advice or a casserole from our casserole bank. In addition we have activities such as Friday Night Footy and our Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Breakfasts which celebrate our community and provide a fun and social opportunity to get together.

We also access Diocesan Specialists ( eg Psychologists, Occupational Therapists ) who support us to ensure that funded programs are adapted to meet specific needs of our students. Our school has also taken the initiative of employing a Shepparton Speech Therapist, who works with boys and girls who require such specialist support.