Teaching and Learning Through Our School

At St Joseph’s the learner is at the centre of all that we do. We have high expectations of all of our children. We spend time getting to know each student’s needs and learning styles, which has enabled us to provide effective programs. We personalise the learning to ensure each child at St Joseph’s reaches their full potential. We empower the school community with the skills and attitudes to recognise, create and participate effectively in a changing world.

Our learning groups are divided into four areas, namely Prep, Junior, Middle and Senior. We guide our children from being dependent to independent learners through their years of Primary School. We commit to educating students to be :

  • Living examples of Christ in the knowledge that they are loved by God.

    Curriculum Coordinator – Dominic Izzard
  • Self-directed risk-takers, who are able to set realistic goals and celebrate achievements.
  • Proud, happy, confident people who have high self-esteem and resilience.
  • Compassionate community members who have a genuine care and respect for themselves, others and the environment.
  • Life-long creative, inquiring learners who are literate, numerate and competent users of technology

Our Prep School is simply two straight classes housed in our magnificent Mary MacKillop House.  It is a beautiful environment where our newest students learn the routines of school. We aim to give the children in this area a solid foundation of skills for future learning by providing them with an environment that promotes success, a positive attitude and a feeling of self-worth.

Our Junior School combines four classes of Year One and Year Two children. Teaching is targeted through focus groups to ensure that each individual student is receiving support that is necessary to meet their needs and to gain the basic building blocks of learning. We seek for each student to be happy and secure at school as they continue their education journey.

Our Middle School is made up of four classes of Year Three and Four students. We promote greater independence and self-discipline in our children as they grow to extend their wealth of skills, knowledge and abilities. We continue to support those students requiring continued focused attention while allowing students with well-developed skills greater challenge in research and extension.

Our Senior School consists of four groups of Year Five and Six boys and girls. We promote leadership and foster self-discipline. Students work towards goals that have been set for them and take on greater responsibility for their own learning. There is a strong focus on collaboration between all students and teachers. This grouping serves to provide a harmonious learning community housed in four modern rooms. This provides our students and teachers with a flexible, calm living and learning environment where we focus on a combination of explicit teaching, focused group work and independent research tasks.

We are truly proud of what we have achieved throughout our school.