School Canteen

We have devised a whole new fresh food canteen menu that works to complement our schools approach to healthy bodies-healthy minds. Marcella Coonan is employed as our Healthy School Officer and overseas the preparation and sale of our healthy menu. The emphasis is on fresh food prepared daily and includes soup, baked potatoes, wraps, homemade hamburgers, sausage rolls and pasta. Parent volunteers are encouraged to join the roster in assisting in the daily canteen routine.

The School Canteen is open each day as follows:

Monday – Friday: Normal menu choices available. Canteen Window is OPEN.

The Menu changes from Summer to Winter. Please see Menu below.

Lunch orders need to be clearly marked on a brown paper bag with the student’s name and class and placed in the lunch order tub in each classroom first thing in the morning. Drinks, sandwiches and rolls can be ordered however frozen items and other items on the menu can be purchased through the canteen window after the
second lunch bell. Online ordering is now available see New canteen Order instructions below on how to set up online ordering.

New volunteers are rostered on with our canteen manager Marcella Coonan and will be guided through the process. The Children love it if Mum (or Dad/Nana/Auntie) is on Canteen Duty.

Any queries please contact our canteen manager Marcella Coonan.