Our Vision, Mission and Identity



St Joseph’s Numurkah is passionate about education inspired by the vision and ideals of Mary MacKillop


At St Joseph’s we believe…

  • In “Never seeing a need without doing something about it” (Mary MacKillop)
  • In providing a culture rich in Catholic Tradition and faith where children will be inspired to live the Gospel Values of Jesus
  • In offering relevant curriculum that engages all children and challenges them to reach their full potential.
  • That our School Community nurtures the development of the whole child
  • Our School is built on respect and an appreciation of individual differences


Because we believe firmly in our Vision Statements we are committed to:

– Celebrating the life and story of Mary MacKillop.

  • Ensuring that we identify needs and support our families and children.
  • Reaffirming the values of Mary MacKillop by providing an annual award on her feast day.

– Celebrating the life and values of Jesus through the Gospel.

  • Implementing our Religious Education Program – Source of Life.
  • Offering opportunities for staff, student and family faith development.
  • Being a staff that are living examples of the Gospel Values of Jesus.
  • Bringing to life Catholic Tradition through experience of Parish, Church, Sacrament and Prayer.

– Implementing a challenging, creative, supportive curriculum and approach that caters for all students.

  • Improving our teaching and learning through ongoing professional development.
  • Ongoing planning, preparation, organisation, appraisal and assessment.
  • Providing the best learning facilities and resources possible.

– Providing programs and support that meet the individual needs of all students (social, emotional, educational, psychological, spiritual, physical and behavioural).

– Working to ensure an environment of mutual respect between all school community members.

  • Upholding the value that each school community member has needs, rights and responsibilities.
  • Providing clear expectations of behaviour and treatment of others.
  • Implementing a social skills and behaviour management program.
  • Continuing to develop a culture where individual differences are accepted and opportunities are provided for all to reach their full potential.
  • Celebrating the achievements of students and their talents.