“We are Open to All Who Seek Our Values”

As a school, we strive to provide an atmosphere in which each child’s talents and skills can be recognised and developed to their fullest potential. We work to instil a sense of self-discipline in our children where they respect each others’ differences and encourage each other to strive to be their best.

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What are the school term dates?

Term 1: Friday 27 Jan – Thursday 6 April Students return: Monday 30 January
Term 2: Monday 24 April – Friday 23 June
Term 3: Monday 10 July – Friday 15 September
Term 4: Monday 2 October – Wednesday 20 December

Can I volunteer at the school?

St Joseph’s welcomes the participation of family members at our school.

Parent helpers take part in many different programs around our school, sharing their particular talents to enable our students to experience a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

What public transport options are available?

Many of our children travel on school buses.

We access a wide network that safely brings children to and from school. Travellers assemble each afternoon in their bus lines where staff ensure all are present before departure. We appoint senior students as Bus Monitors. These boys and girls work to care for and look after younger students and set an example with regard to behaviour and attitude.

Is there a school canteen?

We have devised a whole new fresh food canteen menu that works to complement our schools approach to healthy bodies-healthy minds. Marcella Coonan is employed as our Healthy School Officer and overseas the preparation and sale of our healthy menu. The emphasis is on fresh food prepared daily and includes soup, baked potatoes, wraps, homemade hamburgers, sausage rolls and pasta. Parent volunteers are encouraged to join the roster in assisting in the daily canteen routine.