School Fees

School Fees : Affordability & Access

Our school policy clearly states that no child will be excluded from school if families have genuine financial difficulty. Your first decision is whether you choose to be a part of our community, then we come to a mutually fair and suitable arrangement. Our founder, Mary MacKillop, believed that every child has the right to an education; we maintain that belief in ensuring all families can access our school.

Families experiencing financial difficulties can contact me at any time so that alternative arrangements can be made. Such arrangements are strictly confidential.

The Annual Fees are set by the School Board in November and are to rise by 3% per year in line with the CPI. Fees were not increased for 2020 due to the current economic climate of the region.  Excursion fees are set to cover the cost of excursions at the different year levels.

Fee Structure for 2020
Family School Fee                                                                 $1,320
Consisting of;

Gardening & Maintenance Levy (per family)                         $     25
Diocesan Land Fund (per family)                                          $     50
Technology/Computer Levy (per family)                                $     40

Capital Fee (per family)                                                         $   150

Total Family Fee                                                                   $1,470

Subject Materials Levy (per student)                                 $   124

Excursions/Extra Activities Fees (per student)
Grades 5/6        (Increases for Canberra trip)                        $ 285
Grade 3/4                                                                               $ 150
Grades P/1/2                                                                          $ 125

Accounts for the school fees, levies & excursion fees are issued on the following basis:

Option 1 – One payment of all fees due end of February
Option 2 – Four equal payments at the beginning of each term
Option 3 – Payments or direct debit from your financial institution:
                    - Fortnightly x 20 from February to November or
                    - Monthly x 10 from February to November
Option 4 – Alternative arrangements with the Principal

New Camp Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF)
$125 to eligible families open flyer for more information & CSEF application form to apply.

CSEF - Application